Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Java should I install?

Newer versions of Java include better performance and security updates. You can download the newest version of Java from Oracle.

What browsers are supported?

GeoCENS is written for compatibility with the latest standards-compliant browsers, and should run on Apple Safari 5+, Apple iOS Safari, Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome 6+, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. If you see something that does not look right, please let us know by contacting our development team.

Do you support Mac OS X systems?

At the moment, the GeoCENS WWJ Browser is incompatible with Mac OS X (any version). We cannot support any updates until either Apple or Oracle releases a version of Java for Mac OS that works with web start applets. Instead, we recommend our standalone Java based Desktop Application, which is available for download from the GSW Client page.

Do you support mobile devices, such as Android or iPhone?

You may access and use GeoCENS with your smart phone or tablet, however the WWJ Browser is unsupported. Instead, try our 2D Browser using Bing Map.

I am having an issue with the GeoCENS website/applet. Who can I contact?

Please send a descriptive email to our Development Team, and we will assist you with your issue.

What format should I prepare my data before uploading to GeoCENS?

Please create a CSV file with two columns, date (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) and value (numeric). An example file is available for comparison.

We also support other formats, such as the following:

If you need to upload in a different format, please contact our development team and we can work out a solution.

What does my project score mean?

The project score is measure of how useful your project is in the GeoCENS platform. Higher scores mean that the project is meeting more criteria that help other users. The criteria is as follows.

  • Does the project have any layers?
  • Has the project been updated recently?
  • Does the project have a description?
  • Is the project popular, with many views?
  • Does the project have wall posts?

The score is a measure out of 100 possible points.

What is the GeoCENS API? How do I use it?

The GeoCENS API allows users to build applications that can access the GeoCENS OGC Web Service database. Through this database, you can discover other SOS, WMS, or SPS services we provide access to.

Is there a Desktop Application for browsing data?

Yes, a Java based Desktop Application for browsing GeoCENS data is available. You can download it from the GSW Client page and run it locally on your desktop.