About the GeoCENS API

We provide access to our OGC Web Service database through a REST-like web API. Using this API, you can search for SOS, SPS, and WMS layers that we have catalogued, and integrate this data with your own applications.

Getting Started

To use the API, you will need a GeoCENS account. You may register a new account or use your own account if you have one.

Next, you must activate the API Key for you account. You can do this from your account page, by clicking "Generate API Key". The page will reload, and your 20-character GeoCENS Search API Key will be displayed. Do not share this key, as it is tied to your account only. If you believe your key has been compromised, you can reset or clear your key from your account page.

After you have your key, you may access the GeoCENS API. Please refer to the API reference documentation for details on how to access the API.

Any questions/comments regarding the GeoCENS API can be sent to the Development Team.